Roches Point Lighthouse Shoot – 24/04/2016

Roches Pt 24-04-16 FOShea-2

For the second week in succession, an ECCG shoot has focused on a lighthouse. We travelled to Galley Head last week but this week we were much nearer to home at Roches Point at the entrance to Cork harbour.

Always a favourite spot for the group, Roches Point never fails to yield a decent photograph regardless of weather conditions. It was overcast on our recent visit with the clouds parting just enough in the west to give a hope of some bit of colour at sunset. Nevertheless, a private tour of a lighthouse will always bait the photographer so there was keen interest in this shoot.

Having exhausted the interior, we braved the cold and headed outside to the beach for the 'blue hour'.

This was a really great and enjoyable shoot, right on our doorsteps. Thanks to all who made it possible.

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Roches Point Sunset – 5/4/15

Kevin Day - RP sunset-9

Ten ECCG members turned out for our latest weekly shoot, this time it was to Roches Point on Sunday 5th April last to capture the sunset.

We met at the car park below the Lighthouse, where we were welcomed by three local goats, each one happy to pose for us in the evening sunlight.

After discussing a number of options and possible vantage points, the group split with some members heading for higher ground across the fields to the east, while the remainder opted to shoot the sunset from the lighthouse grounds.

Roches Point is a location regularly visited by our group, there is always an interesting shot to be got there, whether it's the typical view of the lighthouse from the beach, or a passing ship, or an impressive sunset which is what we were after this time, and we weren't disappointed. Check out some of the images below or go to the website shoot gallery here.

- Anthony O'Connor



Crosshaven Shoot – 18/1/2015

Denis Barry-3

Following the disappointing 'no-show' of the sun in Youghal last week, we decided to pin our hopes on Crosshaven on 18/1. All the calculators showed the sun rising at approx 8.33am and we judged that if we were at a position north of Church Bay, it would rise just behind Roches Point lighthouse. The tide would be out but if we got a good sunrise, then the state of the tide would be a secondary consideration. Having the theory sorted, all we needed was for the elements to play ball.

With a hard frost overnight, the sky was clear in the early morning giving rise to great optimism for a successful shoot. We took up position around 8am and by 8.15am the glow began to appear in the sky. Right on schedule the sun broke the horizon and we were treated to the most spectacular sunrise - worthwhile to witness not to mind photograph.

Thereafter it was into Crosshaven for a welcome breakfast among the gulls and crows who proved adept at getting their slice of the action while a friendly robin at Camden fort spent over 20 minutes posing for photographs.

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Cruise Liner ‘Ruby Princess’ – Cobh/Roches Point 12/7/14


Anthony OConnor-9Three members of ECCG headed for Cobh on 12th July for the departure of the Cruise Liner, Ruby Princess.

Meeting at White Point, we made our way along the waterfront to the deep water berth soaking up the carnival atmosphere. Coaches ferried the passengers back to the ship from day trips to locations around the county and beyond, and a brass band played while passengers boarded.

With all aboard, Ruby Princess departed at 6:30pm for her overnight sailing to Dublin, so it was a quick dash around to Roches Point, at the mouth of the harbour, to get a shot or two of the ship passing the light house.

- Anthony O'Connor

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SSV Corwith Cramer – 6/7/14

Berfore lunch, I took myself down to Carlisle Fort on the East side of lower Cork harbour, to see if I could get a crack at the Tall Ship “SSV Corwith Cramer”, an American sail training ship, en route from Cork City to Spain and further afield.

SSV Corwith Cramer--7

I was in position by the fort at 12:30pm, where I bided my time in glorious sunshine, while Fidelma Read and family took up position at Roche's Point. At about 1:30pm, Corwith Cramer rounded White Point in Cobh, and I took shots of her with a 500mm zoom.

Prof Murphy and his law struck, just as the ship came close enough to get a bit of detail in the shots. The heaven's opened, and I was copiously precipitated upon (That's the polite term) and a mad dash to the car ensued. The gear survived unscathed, but the photographer was a tad damp to say the least.

Fidelma and family retreated in face of this deluge, as I made my way to Roche's Point. By the time Corwith Cramer reached the point, the rain had almost cleared, but “the sky was on the floor”. In dull and damp conditions, I got a few more shots, as she cleared the point, and headed South East. She was a couple of miles off shore, before they raised the sails... Bah! Bloody weekend sailors!

As she disappeared into the mist, I made my way home to salvage the remains of my Sunday lunch, which had languished a bit too long in the oven. Ah well! We have to suffer for our art.

- John Tait

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