How I Took That Shot – Finbarr O’Shea

In one of the most exciting vote counts the Group has seen in recent times, Finbarr O'Shea came from behind to win Grade A in our third internal competition of the year by a single point in the very last vote, with the beautiful image below. The theme was 'Night' and this is how he made it:

Finbarr OShea - Night Competition

My picture for the night competition was the cruise ship, Celebrity Eclipse.The picture was taken in May 2010 when the ship stayed overnight at Cobh cruise terminal.

The photo was taken with a Canon 5d mk2 with a 24/70 lens at 55mm, F5.6, 1 sec, ISO 200, on a tripod.

Well done Finbarr

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SSV Corwith Cramer – 6/7/14

Berfore lunch, I took myself down to Carlisle Fort on the East side of lower Cork harbour, to see if I could get a crack at the Tall Ship “SSV Corwith Cramer”, an American sail training ship, en route from Cork City to Spain and further afield.

SSV Corwith Cramer--7

I was in position by the fort at 12:30pm, where I bided my time in glorious sunshine, while Fidelma Read and family took up position at Roche's Point. At about 1:30pm, Corwith Cramer rounded White Point in Cobh, and I took shots of her with a 500mm zoom.

Prof Murphy and his law struck, just as the ship came close enough to get a bit of detail in the shots. The heaven's opened, and I was copiously precipitated upon (That's the polite term) and a mad dash to the car ensued. The gear survived unscathed, but the photographer was a tad damp to say the least.

Fidelma and family retreated in face of this deluge, as I made my way to Roche's Point. By the time Corwith Cramer reached the point, the rain had almost cleared, but “the sky was on the floor”. In dull and damp conditions, I got a few more shots, as she cleared the point, and headed South East. She was a couple of miles off shore, before they raised the sails... Bah! Bloody weekend sailors!

As she disappeared into the mist, I made my way home to salvage the remains of my Sunday lunch, which had languished a bit too long in the oven. Ah well! We have to suffer for our art.

- John Tait

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Shoot at Cobh – 22/3/14

Michael Hickey-2Three members turned up for the Cobh/Fota photo-shoot. The poor weather forecast probably had an impact on figures. We got some photographs of the cathedral and surroundings from the park before a light shower had us seeking shelter.

Afterwards we took to higher ground to get better shots. Later we tried the heritage centre for coffee and following a good chat decided to call it a day.

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