ECCG – Constitution

ECCG – Constitution

Download the Final ECCG constitution 2020

East Cork Camera group Constitution.
as amended at the A.G.M.  2019.

  1. NAME:
    The name of the club shall be the East Cork Camera Group, herein referred to as the Group.
    To promote the knowledge and photographic skills of the members and provide a forum for interaction with others of similar interest.
    Membership is open to all, pay the annual membership fee and abide by the Group Rules. The maximum membership total number for the year will be decided at each A.G.M., in line with the practical manageable capacity of the Group. The Group is strictly apolitical and non discriminatory.
    The Annual Subscription for membership of the Group shall be agreed at the A.G.M. All renewal membership subscriptions must be paid within one calendar month of the A.G.M.
    The Group will meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 8.00pm in Midleton Park hotel, Midleton, or at such other places or dates to be specified by the Committee from time to time.
    Responsibility for management of the Group will be vested in a Committee that will consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.). This Committee will be elected by the general membership at the A.G.M., which will be held annually within the first three weeks of December each year. Eligibility for election to the Committee is only open to those who have been in active membership for at least twelve months. Candidates for election to any office on the Committee shall be nominated by two members of the Group in writing/email or text to the Hon. Secretary one week prior to the A.G.M. If two or more candidates run for the same position a vote will be taken of the members present at the A.G.M. All such elections will be conducted by a secret ballot with simple majority rule. In the case of a tie the winner to be decided by lot. Subject to the foregoing, the Committee will have the right to co-opt new members to the Committee in the event of any existing member resigning or having been vacated from his/her position. Competitions and sales co-ordinator etc. will be appointed as required throughout the year. Motions for discussion at the A.G.M. must be handed to the Hon. Secretary two weeks prior to the A.G.M. Any amendments or deletions require to be passed by a two-thirds majority of those present at the A.G.M. The Committee has the right to expel or suspend any member who, in the opinion of the Committee, has acted in a manner harmful to the Group or has failed to pay their annual membership fee by the due date or has failed to be an Active Member which requires participation in the group’s meetings or activities during the year. Such a member has the right of appeal.
    The Committee will direct and control all expenditure of the Group funds. Proper accounts will be kept and a full balance sheet produced each year by the Committee at the A.G.M. All Group income will be banked in the Group’s name. The Treasurer and one other authorised signatory will sign withdrawals by cheque on the group’s account.
    The Committee will produce a programme of events, arrange guest speakers & organise outings, projects and competitions throughout the year. The Committee will be responsible for the safe keeping of all Group equipment. Any member hiring Group equipment will be responsible for the safe keeping of same while in their care. The Committee/Group will not be responsible for the safety and health of any member of the Group at any time whether at meetings or any outings arranged by the Group. Neither shall they be responsible for any of the members’ equipment, photographic or otherwise. Amendment of the A.G.M. held on the 7th. December 2004. “Any Persons, wishing to join the East Cork Camera Group, or renew their membership, must enter into a signed agreement to abide by the constitution, rules and regulations of the group and also to indemnify the group against any action taken with regard to work submitted to the group and used by the group for exhibitions, calendars, website, publication and publicity purposes”.

The foregoing is the Constitution, Rules and Conditions of membership of the East Cork Camera Group and can only be changed by the wishes of the members at an A.G.M or E.G.M. of the Group. Any such change will require a two-thirds majority of the membership.

Signed: –
______________________________Chairperson _________________Vice Chairperson
______________________________Hon .Secretary ______________________Treasurer
______________________________P.R.O Date: – ___________________