Roches Point Lighthouse Shoot – 24/04/2016

Roches Pt 24-04-16 FOShea-2

For the second week in succession, an ECCG shoot has focused on a lighthouse. We travelled to Galley Head last week but this week we were much nearer to home at Roches Point at the entrance to Cork harbour.

Always a favourite spot for the group, Roches Point never fails to yield a decent photograph regardless of weather conditions. It was overcast on our recent visit with the clouds parting just enough in the west to give a hope of some bit of colour at sunset. Nevertheless, a private tour of a lighthouse will always bait the photographer so there was keen interest in this shoot.

Having exhausted the interior, we braved the cold and headed outside to the beach for the 'blue hour'.

This was a really great and enjoyable shoot, right on our doorsteps. Thanks to all who made it possible.

See a gallery of images from the shoot here. Enjoy!

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ECCG Shoot to Galley Head Lighthouse – 17/04/16

Galley Hd 2016 FOS-2

Continuing our Lighthouse project, ECCG travelled to Galley Head near Clonakilty in West Cork on Sunday 17/04/16. Perched on the southern most point of a 40.5m (133 foot) high headland known as Dundeady Island, the the 21m tower stands 53m over Mean High Water Spring.

Attendant lightkeeper, Gerald Butler, Galley Hd 2016 Denis Barry-10was on hand to give us the grand tour of the installation and entertained us with an in depth talk on his career as a Lightkeeper on various lighthouses around the country. Steeped in the Light Keeping tradition, both of Gerald's grandfathers, both parents, uncles and brother were all Lightkeepers so it was inevitable that he would enter the service himself.

The LightkeeperOn retirement, Gerald committed his life story to print in the book 'The Lightkeeper' in which he recollects the terrible traumas of crews battling for their lives on mountainous seas in horrendous stormy conditions. He describes in detail the tragic 1979 Fastnet Yacht Race which involved 3000 competitors and more than 4000 rescuers, and in which he played a vital role as lighthouse keeper on the forbidding Fastnet Rock towering over the storm struck vessels as they struggled for survival. The book is a fascinating read and is available here.

We were really hoping to get a sunset on our trip to Galley Head but it wasn't to be on this occasion - a ready made excuse for the return trip!

See a gallery of images from the shoot here. Enjoy!

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Ballycotton Island Tour – 16/06/15

BC Island Finbarr OShea-2

Ever since Ballycotton Island Tours began operating, it was only a matter of time before ECCG got around to going with them and that trip came about on Tuesday evening last, 16/6/15. Our plans of photographing the island and Ballycotton village bathed in a brilliant sunset were dashed when a sea fog set in and enveloped the top of the island. Undeterred, we set off from the pier in the capable hands of our skipper, Diarmuid Walsh, a crewman of the local lifeboat, and guide, Derry Keogh.

BC Lighthouse John Tait-1All suitably attired with life jackets and fully briefed in water and boat safety, we left the shelter of the harbour and headed out across the sound in the tour boat 'Yassy' to the island, which we were surprised to hear, is nearly a mile offshore. After the fifteen minute crossing, Diarmuid brought our boat gently alongside the island pier where we disembarked and began the steep climb to the lighthouse.

Derry provided a commentary on the history of the island as we climbed to the top which gave us a great appreciation of the hardship of life on the island for the lighthouse keepers who worked and lived there.

BC Lighthouse Noelle Lowney-4On reaching the top, we entered the lighthouse and climbed the steps to the balcony, the scene of two marriage proposals since the tours began! The only connections on our minds however were those between the island and the mainland which we couldn't see with the fog. We could only ponder then on the magnificent views we were missing but, never ones to be beaten, we explored the area and concentrated on shooting the buildings and wildlife which all provided an abundance of variety.

BC Lighthouse Denis Barry-8Having spent some time at the top, we eventually made our way back down to the pier and went on a short boat trip around the East of the Island and encountered the island's small goat herd perched precariously on narrow rocks many meters above the water.

BC Lighthouse John Tait-8
As dusk settled in the bay, the light in the lighthouse came on and shone its familiar signal through the fog. Diarmuid took his cue and headed for home landing us safely back at the pier.

While disappointed with the poor weather, we were delighted to have done the trip and had seen enough to know that a return trip in better weather is something we will definitely do in the near future.

Ballycotton Lighthouse Tours operate tours daily to the island, weather permitting, and all details can be found at their website,

Click here to see our full gallery of images from the trip. Enjoy!



How I Took That Shot – Kevin Day

Kevin Day took first place in Grade B in our third internal competition of the year recently. The theme was 'Night' and this is how he made the image:

Kevin Day - Night Competition

Last year, when I heard there was a super moon on the way, I decided to head for Ballycotton. Silver strand seemed like a good option, the night was very calm, hardly a ripple in the water. I liked how the church was lit up in the distance and the moon reflecting on the water and of course the light house played it’s part.

I took various shots with different clouds, the tide was dropping quickly, eventually I settled on this one because it had the right light and the right cloud. I entered this shot because I thought it best matched the theme of the competition.

30 sec F20 50 mm ISO 250

Well done Kevin

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Roches Point Sunset – 5/4/15

Kevin Day - RP sunset-9

Ten ECCG members turned out for our latest weekly shoot, this time it was to Roches Point on Sunday 5th April last to capture the sunset.

We met at the car park below the Lighthouse, where we were welcomed by three local goats, each one happy to pose for us in the evening sunlight.

After discussing a number of options and possible vantage points, the group split with some members heading for higher ground across the fields to the east, while the remainder opted to shoot the sunset from the lighthouse grounds.

Roches Point is a location regularly visited by our group, there is always an interesting shot to be got there, whether it's the typical view of the lighthouse from the beach, or a passing ship, or an impressive sunset which is what we were after this time, and we weren't disappointed. Check out some of the images below or go to the website shoot gallery here.

- Anthony O'Connor