How I Took That Shot – James Brady

James Brady took first place in Grade C in our third internal competition of the year recently. The theme was 'Night' and this is how he made the image:

James Brady - Night Competition

Having thought about taking a shot like this for some time, the opportunity arose upon hearing about the night themed internal competition to get stuck in. With tripod firmly secured in the rear of my car, I set my camera to manual focus, locked on the dashboard. With the lens at its widest focal length, I dialled in my settings and hit the road.

Having spent a few evenings of trial and error, I eventually decided that St Patrick's street in the city had the most to offer regarding light and colour to achieve the results I wanted. After many loops of the same area with camera and radio triggers hard at work, I finally struck gold with an image with very little camera shake.

The image was processed with Picasa, involving an increase in saturation and sharpness, and a minor crop to tighten things up. I also blacked out a small section of the rear view mirror to hide myself!

Camera: Nikon D5100, 18-105mm @18mm.
Settings: M, 4s @ f8, ISO 400, centre weighted metering, manual focus.

Well done James.

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