Crosshaven Shoot – 18/1/2015

Denis Barry-3

Following the disappointing 'no-show' of the sun in Youghal last week, we decided to pin our hopes on Crosshaven on 18/1. All the calculators showed the sun rising at approx 8.33am and we judged that if we were at a position north of Church Bay, it would rise just behind Roches Point lighthouse. The tide would be out but if we got a good sunrise, then the state of the tide would be a secondary consideration. Having the theory sorted, all we needed was for the elements to play ball.

With a hard frost overnight, the sky was clear in the early morning giving rise to great optimism for a successful shoot. We took up position around 8am and by 8.15am the glow began to appear in the sky. Right on schedule the sun broke the horizon and we were treated to the most spectacular sunrise - worthwhile to witness not to mind photograph.

Thereafter it was into Crosshaven for a welcome breakfast among the gulls and crows who proved adept at getting their slice of the action while a friendly robin at Camden fort spent over 20 minutes posing for photographs.

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