Beginners’ Course – Day 2 – 30/3/14

Kevin Day-1

The second day of the beginners' course was held in Midleton on Sunday 30/3/14 lead by Kevin Day and Michael Hickey. A short tutorial was followed by a shoot in a nearby garden.

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Shoot at Roches Point Lighthouse – 29/3/14

Finbarr OShea-3

Eight members of the group headed to Roches Point on Saturday morning, 29/3/14, lead by local man and Group member, Kevin Day.

Roches Point is a name familiar to most Irish people as data from the local weather station forms part of several daily broadcasts on TV and radio. The place itself, situated at the very entrance to Cork Harbour, is accessed from the nearby village of Whitegate. A scenic spot, it is a constant draw for visitors all year round with photographers counting high among these. The village's quaint housing, imposing lighthouse and beautiful seascapes together with a busy sea-lane seemingly just an arm's length away, provide a multitude of possibilities for the photographer willing to spend the time and explore the angles.

Trips to Roches Point were always tainted with a regret that the lighthouse, which is the highest point in the area with commanding views of the harbour, was always off limits and not accessible to the public. However, on this occasion, the locked gates were opened and ECCG got exclusive access which will, I'm certain, be a very high point of the year's activities. Many thanks to all concerned.

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SACC Competition in Kilkenny

Kevin Day-5

On Sunday 22/3/14, myself and Finbarr O'Shea headed for Kilkenny for the Inter-Club competition run by Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC ).

There were sixteen clubs represented and the standard was very high. Each club could enter panels of ten prints in the colour and black competition and ten digital colour or black and white images in the projected competition. The prints were arranged in a certain format to form a panel while the digital images were projected in the sequence selected by the entrant. ECCG entered just one panel in the projected competition to ‘dip our toes’ in the water this time and we intend to enter the National Inter-Club Competition next May. On the day, the Cork Camera Club was the overall winner.

The SACC said they will bring UK photographer Tim Pile over this year for a series of talks to the various clubs. They also organise the 'Celtic Challenge' which will be to Spike Island and Gougane Barra this year.

When the work was done, we got out the cameras and headed for the Castle in the city center. On the way we stopped at St. Kieran’s College, where we got some great shots. We arrived at the river on time for a nice sunset.

We were very lucky with the day, blue skies, sunshine and the water was like glass!

Kevin Day

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Shoot at Cobh – 22/3/14

Michael Hickey-2Three members turned up for the Cobh/Fota photo-shoot. The poor weather forecast probably had an impact on figures. We got some photographs of the cathedral and surroundings from the park before a light shower had us seeking shelter.

Afterwards we took to higher ground to get better shots. Later we tried the heritage centre for coffee and following a good chat decided to call it a day.

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How I Took That Shot – Karen Fleming

For the second time on the trot, Karen Fleming came out on top in Grade A in internal Group competitions. Her submission for the 'Decay' competition was a clock face with hands made from flowers. Here's how she made it:

17 - Karen Fleming

"I originally had created a different shot but decided to to do something else instead as it was too similar to a previous shot from another competition. First, I was just going to do decayed flowers but then combined it with another idea I had in mind with old clocks. Having borrowed some old clock faces and clock mechanisms, I tried various different combinations 'till I eventually came up with the shot I submitted for the competition."

"The shot was setup on my kitchen table beside the patio door so I had all natural light coming in and lighting it up. For the background The clock face was hung on a section of my garden fence that was destroyed in the recent storms. I just got a small nail to pin the flowers together to mimic the hands of the clock. I used toothpicks between the joins of the Boards to hang the petals to give the illusion they were falling from the decaying flower as time ticked by."

"I took this image using my 24-105 lens on aperture of f20 ISO 200 2.5 seconds ."

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