Midleton Agricultural Show – 25/5/14

Bill Sisk-1

Bill Sisk, Susan Meaney, Magda Klujewska and RJ Mani at Midleton Show

Four Group members covered the Midleton Agricultural Show 2014 shoot at The Paddocks, Midleton on Sunday 25/5/14. We moved through the show field to photograph the various subjects as can be seen from our photographs below.

- Bill Sisk

I was very late on parade, as I couldn't get in until after lunch. Unfortunately, I missed out on Bill Sisk and the other ECCG members, who arrived at the proper time. Sorry folks!

However, I didn't feel too lonely, as I was kept busy exchanging greetings with friends and neighbours throughout the afternoon. Also, I met another ECCG member Joe Keniry.

John Tait-11Joe had his own stand, and was busily demonstrating his inventions to an eager throng. Obviously Joe is a talented Engineer... “Not just a pretty face” as they say. I don't know if he had many buyers, but he made at least one new friend, in the shape of a gorgeous terrier pup, which would easily fit in your pocket... I think Joe was tempted! {;o)

Magda Klujewska and RJ Mani-26The place was packed, and there was lots to see and do. I had a fast trot around the cattle, sheep, dogs, hens, and a menagerie that would have warmed the cockles of Noah's heart. Noah's carpentry skills were not required however, as the weather stayed dry for the afternoon, and Arks were not in demand. Mind you, one hapless volunteer who was getting “dunked” on a regular basis in aid of charity, would probably have appreciated a nice dry boat.

John Tait-5As I was a “man with a mission”, I headed for the jumping arena to try and learn the photographer's art of “freezing motion”. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with “Tv”, “Av”, and “M”, and after many horrible blurry shots, I eventually managed to suspend horse and rider in reasonably sharp “suspended animation”. I repeated this success many times during the afternoon, and having convinced myself that I could now do it more or less at will, I headed for home and a nice “cuppa”.

A most satisfactory day..

- John Tait

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Shoot at Cobh – 22/3/14

Michael Hickey-2Three members turned up for the Cobh/Fota photo-shoot. The poor weather forecast probably had an impact on figures. We got some photographs of the cathedral and surroundings from the park before a light shower had us seeking shelter.

Afterwards we took to higher ground to get better shots. Later we tried the heritage centre for coffee and following a good chat decided to call it a day.

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Shoot at Mahon Falls – 2/3/14

Mahon FallsECCG members travelled to Mahon Falls on Sunday 2/3/14 but had to abandon the shoot due to torrential rain. Requiring a bit of ingenuity, the camera appears to have been jury-rigged inside a car, safely out of harms way, while our gallant members, Bill Sisk, Finbarr O'Shea and Brian Murphy, braved the weather for the obligatory group pic for the blog.

150Km round trip, 1 photo: a disappointing return but never mind - there's always the next time!


Shoot at Youghal on 26/1/14

ECCG shoot Youghal-8230With a Code Orange weather warning in place for most of the West and South of the country for Sunday 26/1/14, it was touch and go whether another ECCG shoot would succumb to the wintry weather conditions of 2014 so far. However, following early morning consultations with various weather forecasters it was felt that Youghal might have a chance of a reasonably good day so the shoot was 'on'.

Seven members turned out at the Walter Raleigh Hotel, Youghal in a windy but dry morning and with high tide due at 12.48pm and a 50kph wind blowing, the sea was already raging against the rocky shoreline - a sure draw for eager photographers.

FOS Youghal. 097-3

Finbarr O'Shea

Following the short walk to the lighthouse, we descended the many steps to the 'diving rocks' where it seemed someone had taken the time to construct ideal photography platforms for us and, with the tide surging only feet away, it was a photo-fest indeed.

Having worked our way around to the front strand by 1pm, we regrouped at the Old Imperial Hotel, North Main Street, for lunch which felt well overdue due to the appetite inducing, fresh sea air.

After this welcome break in proceedings it was back to the shoot with a visit to the nearby St. Mary's Collegiate Church, a national monument of Ireland and which is the oldest church in continuous use since its foundation in Ireland and whose roof timbers have been carbon dated to the year 1170. The extensive graveyard is surrounded by the original town walls, complete with walkways and viewing points and they are thought to be the best preserved medieval town walls in Ireland.

Unfortunately, it was about this time when the weather took a turn for the worst and cut our visit short, but Youghal and the jewel that is St. Mary's are certainly on the cards for a return visit.

Thanks to Michael Hegarty for his assistance in organising the shoot.

Photos above by Bill Sisk, Finbarr O'Shea, Lorna O'Dwyer, Joseph Keniry and Denis Barry.