How I took that Shot by Finbarr O’Shea

Finbarr O'Shea came second in the recent 'In Costume' group competition with a beautiful shot of his granddaughter. This is how he took the shot:

"My entry to the costume competition was a picture of my granddaughter, Mikaela, at her Halloween party. She and her friends made a great effort with their costumes and face painting".

Finbarr O'Shea

"They started with the snap apple game where the first person to bite the apple without using their hands wins. It was during this I got my picture. It was a fun night and a great time was had by all".

"The shot was taken with a Canon 5D Mark 2 with a Canon EF24-70 2.8L at 42mm, 1/125 sec, f8 at ISO 400. I used an on-camera flash which I bounced off the ceiling. Post processing was done in Lightroom where I made adjustments to saturation and sharpening".

Well done Finbarr and Mikaela.