Glenbower Wood Shoot – 06/11/2016


Sunday morning, 6th November 2016, was bright and crisp with wonderful light - a great opportunity to shoot some Autumn colour in Glenbower wood, Killeagh in East Cork. By the time we got there at 11am the place was alive with walkers taking advantage of the pleasant conditions to get some fresh air and exercise for themselves and, in some cases, their dogs.

Every step was a treat revealing photo opportunities in every direction be that the autumn hues, the running water, the toadstools or the squirrels darting about with cautious curiosity.

Despite all the natural beauty around us and the fact that a few reasonable shots were made, the highlight of the day was secured by the local man who found an expensive camera lens in the woodland and contacted us through social media on the off chance that it was a local camera club he had seen in the wood that morning and that the lens might belong to one of us, which indeed it was. The delighted and grateful owner was over the moon with the happy end to a sad story.

With nature, at its finest, on display along with the reassurance that there are honest people still in our midst, the day was a resounding success.

See a gallery of images from the shoot here. Enjoy!

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