ECCG Awards Night 2016

ECCG members, their families and friends gathered in The Midleton Park Hotel on Saturday 26/11/15 for the annual awards night. With over fifty shoots done and six internal competitions throughout the year feeding into the prestigious Photographer of the Year award, the final results were eagerly awaited.

Photographer of the Year was not the only award on offer on the night however, as best website gallery, best Panel, best in Category, best in Grades A, B and C, best New Photographer and Club Person of the Year also had to be revealed.

Judging was carried out by Mr. John Hooton, Ms. Vivian Buckley and Mr. Neily Curtin from Mallow Camera Club.

Following a fine meal expertly provided by the staff of Midleton Park Hotel, the formal proceedings were opened by Competitions Secretary, Anthony O'Connor and ECCG chairman, Denis Barry, the award winners were announced as follows:

Best Website Gallery
Grade C: Keith Johnson
Grade B: Noelle Lowney
Grade A: Finbarr O'Shea LIPF

Best Panel
Third Place: Denis Barry LIPF
Second Place: Zane Llewellyn LIPF
First Place: Kevin Day

Best in Category
Landscape (J): Zane Llewellyn LIPF
Landscape (J): Anthony O'Connor LIPF
Seascape: Zane Llewellyn LIPF
Portrait: Denis Barry LIPF
Nature: Kevin Day
Sport (J): Noelle Lowney
Sport (J): Denis O'Flynn
Macro: John Tait LIPF
Architecture: John Tait LIPF
Travel: Kevin Day
Black and White: Zane Llewellyn LIPF
Black and White: Anthony O'Connor LIPF
HDR: Finbarr O'Shea LIPF
Reportage/Documentary: Kevin Day
Open: John Tait LIPF

Best in Grade
Grade C
Third Place: Jim Curtin
Second Place: Keith Johnson
First Place: Eileen Upton

Grade B
Third Place: Jim O'Neill
Second Place: Noelle Lowney
First Place: Zane Llewellyn LIPF

Grade A
Third Place: Denis Barry LIPF
Second Place: Finbarr O'Shea LIPF
First Place: Anthony O'Connor LIPF

Best New Member: Zane Llewellyn LIPF

Club Person of the Year: Finbarr O'Shea LIPF

Photographer of the Year
Third Place: Finbarr O'Shea LIPF
Runner Up: Anthony O'Connor LIPF
POTY: Zane Llewellyn LIPF

Congratulations to all award winners and especially, Photographer of the Year, 2016, Zane Llewellyn. Well done too to everyone else who entered as scores were close in many competitions and a point or two given in another direction would have seen some of these in the prizes.

A big thank you goes to the three judges who did a stellar job. While the important task of awarding points was their main function, their feedback is equally important as it is vital that everyone gets an objective assessment of their work which can be factored into the fine tuning for the future.

Finally, thanks to our sponsors (click on the links to visit their websites) for the night O'Leary's Camera World, Oliver Plunkett St, Cork and Art and Frame, Model Farm Rd, Cork and also to The Midleton Park Hotel for providing a beautiful meal and surroundings for a memorable night.

Click here to check out all the images. Enjoy!

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All images from the Awards night by Finbarr O'Shea LIPF.

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