How I Took That Shot – Noelle Lowney

Not content at winning Grade B in our recent 'Vacation' competition, Noelle Lowney also took first place across all Grades with the shot above taken in the National Park, Killarney. This is how she made the shot:

The image was taken in the grounds of Muckcross House, Killarney, Co. Kerry. The weather was not great that day with dull skies and rain. On my search for a vacation image walking through the wet grounds of Muckross, I decided that a jaunting car transporting tourists from around the globe would be an ideal vacation theme.

I poised myself by the side of a narrow road in the rain and took a few shots of the
jaunting cars transporting tourists ,mostly from the USA, around the Killarney lakes
and surrounding scenic countryside. While the passengers in the jaunting carriage
took in the sights and enjoyed the experience of a unique ride in an Irish traditional
mode of transport, the driver (Jarvey) regaled them with local history, stories of old
and Irish legends and folklore. After taking multiple shots I decided on this image as I thought it represented true vacation with the lady in the carriage taking a shot of Muckcross house to capture memories of a memorable trip to Ireland.

The shot was taken on a Canon EOS 7D Mark II - Camera settings TV (Shutter
Priority), F/3.5,ISO1250 and Shutter Speed 1/2000.

 - Noelle Lowney

Well done Noelle.

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