Sunset Shoot at Lough Aderra 6/4/14

Denis Barry-1

Having been rained off of our intended sunrise shoot at Ballycotton on Saturday morning 5/4/14, a forecast of a possible sunset on the following evening soon had our focus shifted and plans were hastily changed. With sunset due at around 8.15pm, the car park at the boat moorings on the shore of Lough Aderra near Castlemartyr, resembled a scene from Photofest with tripods and gear seemingly appearing out of nowhere as the light began to die.

The large group meant that vantage points for the 'best' angles were at a premium, so much so that one member's boots proved too short for the depth of water but, undeterred, squelched on long after sunset. As the sun dipped below the horizon, torches were broken out for some light painting on the moorings which proved to be an ad hoc class in this unusual genre.

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How I took that shot by Gráinne Davies

I wanted to photograph water drops and it’s not as easy as it may seem.


The set up I used was very simple........

  • Put some water into a black roasting tin
  • I used a small home studio kit set up on a table. If you don’t have a studio kit then just use coloured card (depending on what colour you want out).
  • I used a red velvet background.
  • Pour some water into a bottle or a bag (I used a bag) and suspend the water above the tin of water. Just put a pin hole in the bag and let the water drop into the tin of water.
  • Set your camera on a tripod in front of the water drops.
  • To find a focus I used a pencil and placed it directly where the water drops were falling and focused manually. This will ensure your drops are sharp.
  • Set up a Speedlight flash on a tripod or a flash stand and aim the flashgun directly at the background (not at the water). Set flash to manual and drop the power of the flash as required depending on the exposure of the shots.

Image-No.-3-beforePhotoshop changes - The original was shot in RAW and I changed the colour in Photoshop to give the purple colour. I just tidied the image up with some erasing and cloning and cropped the final image.


Technical Details:
Canon 60D
Canon 60mm Macro lens
ISO 200