How I Took That Shot – Gráinne Davies

Gráinne Davies had a convincing win in Grade A in our second internal competition of the year with the interesting image below. The theme was 'Curves' and this is how she made the image:

grainne davies-1

I was a bit torn on ideas for the Curves theme competition as to what to shoot for it including squiggling car trails or cocktail glasses. I had bought some props last year including coloured and silver slinky springs so I spent an afternoon taking some shots of them in different configurations to try to meet the curves theme.

I have a small portable studio box with different coloured backgrounds so for this shoot I used a black background. I lit the spring with natural window light and a desk lamp as I didn’t want to use flash. I used a wide aperture to ensure the image was fully focused. I liked this final image as from each of the individual springs there are curves!

Lens used: 60mm macro lens on tripod
Settings: F/32; 4 sec; ISO 100
Lighting used: natural window light and desk lamp



ECCG 'Curves' Competition - 03/03/15
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