Cobh People’s Regatta Fireworks – 14/08/16

Cobh Regatta FW EUpton 14-08-16-6

Cobh's long-running People's Regatta festival ended with the traditional fireworks display on Sunday night 14/08/16.

Cobh Regatta FW 2016 Fin OShea-2The annual display has been ingrained in the memories of countless people who, as children, were brought to see the pyrotechnic wonder. One woman in her eighties recalled, as a young girl, trying to see the display from a hill many miles away while this writer saw them first about 50 years ago for the first time.

Cobh Regatta FW JCurtin 14-08-16-3This year's crop of youngsters couldn't wait for the display to begin. Their first countdown from ten started about 10minutes prematurely and was quickly followed by another about five minutes later each one finishing with oohs and aahs of disappointment when nothing happened! Not to be deterred, they started another which finished just a tad prematurely this time and was followed by the inevitable audible disappointment. However just as their disappointment was at its height, the first rocket screamed skywards instantly changing the mood of the kids to screams of excitement!

Cobh Regatta FW 2016 KLeeson-5ECCG were stationed right around the display from Whitepoint to Fort Davis and some really nice colour bursts were captured that have all been posted in our gallery of the event.

Ten minutes later and the memories of 2016 were sealed into the consciousness of a thousand young minds around the harbour ready to be recalled  over the many decades to come. Well done Cobh for keeping this annual event going over all those years.




Cobh Regatta – 17/8/14

James Brady-2

The annual Cobh Regatta was our destination on Sunday night, 17/8/14. The fireworks, in particular, were our interest and so we gathered at Whitepoint, hoping to get a good angle on the display.

As the minutes dwindled down towards 10pm, we finalised settings and waited. Then, without warning, the first rockets burst in the inky sky opposite the town centre and it was down to business. The next ten minutes or so was a cacophony accompanied by brilliant colour and graphic shapes with each burst greeted with approving cheers from the town where a large crowd had gathered.

Then it finished as it had started and the harbour was suddenly returned to normal. Another Cobh Regatta fireworks display over for another year. As car loads of families headed for home, we broke down our gear and did likewise, just ahead of an ever rising tide, with hopes that slices of the night's excitement were captured successfully within our cameras.

Excitement for kids, excitement for adults! Well done Cobh.

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How I Took That Shot – Fidelma Read

Fidelma Read tied for first place in our recent 'Reflections' competition and eventually took second after a count-back of 'possible scores' was done. Her touching shot was all the more remarkable when she revealed that she had taken it with her iPhone!


"We were away for the weekend and my three-years-old daughter, Ryana, had her face painted a few hours previously so it was quite smudged at this stage. Back at the house, she wanted to go outside to see the ducks but it was raining. She put her face up to the window to look out at the rain, and I could just see the photo in front of me. As luck would have it, I had my iPhone in my hand so managed to capture the moment. Of course I was wishing I'd had my Canon in my hand at the time, but the phone didn't do a bad job and the moment wasn't lost."

iPhone 4S
Eyes darkened a little in Lightroom.

Fidelma isn't the only photographer who gives the DSLR a rest in favour of the iPhone. Click here for the story.

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How I took that shot by Finbarr O’Shea

Full Moon Guileen.I took this shot last October, on one of my regular visits to Guileen - a small village located in south eastern coast of Ireland about 20 min. drive from Midleton and 5 min drive from Whitegate in Co. Cork. I was very lucky that day to see a beautiful sunset and full moon.

I used a Canon 5D mark 2 with a Canon EF16-35mm 2.8L lens. I also used a Cokin 121, 3 stops graduated neutral density filter to balance the contrast of the scene, a tripod, and shutter release cable. I locked up the mirror to reduce camera shake.

Camera was set on manual exposure at ISO 100 for 30 sec. at f8. Focal length was 35mm. The image was shot in RAW and processed in Lightroom 4 where I made slight adjustments to contrast, sharpening etc.