How I Took That Shot – Anthony O’Connor

Anthony O'Connor won our recent 'Reflections' competition with his wonderful night shot of Ballycotton Bay.


Here's how it came about:

"The image was taken from Silver Strand. I had this image in my mind for a while since I had seen a similar shot on the ECCG website in the 2009 calendar. The conditions were perfect on the night so I hung around for a while and took several shots at different settings".

Camera:Canon 400D
Lens: 18-55mm Kit lens
Focal Length: 18mm
F5.6, shutter speed 13 secs, ISO 400.
Lens flare: I normally have a UV filter on the lens all the time but I took it off on the night. Also the moon was well up in the sky and well above the frame of the image so flare wasn't really an issue. The clouds probably helped reduce the brightness of the moon also.

I later adjusted the contrast (-1), saturation (+1) and colour tone (-1)."

See more from Anthony here.

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Sub-Zero Temperatures no match for ECCG Members

The sub-zero Siberian winds were no match for the dozen or so hardy souls who turned out for the first night shoot of the year in Cork City last night. With windchill dropping the temperatures to -4C, the members were treated to a full moon rising over the City Hall which was awash in a beautiful blue light that rendered the freezing conditions irrelevant.


After a while in the Lapps Quay and Parnell Bridge area it was off to the South Gate bridge where views of St. Finbarre's Cathedral  reflected in the waters of the South Channel were worth the walk.

More than once, passers-by paused and looked quizzically at the line of tripods and their attentive owners wondering what in the world was going on. Some looked far in the distance to see what could be the object of this group's attention only to walk away as mystified as they were to begin with. One couple's curiosity got the better of them causing them to stop and ask what was going on!

The hot refreshments at a local hostelry went down a treat afterwards as all reported a satisfying and good shoot despite the challenging conditions.

Photos by Dave Geary, Anthony O'Connor and Karen Fleming.