Cobh People’s Regatta Fireworks – 14/08/16

Cobh Regatta FW EUpton 14-08-16-6

Cobh's long-running People's Regatta festival ended with the traditional fireworks display on Sunday night 14/08/16.

Cobh Regatta FW 2016 Fin OShea-2The annual display has been ingrained in the memories of countless people who, as children, were brought to see the pyrotechnic wonder. One woman in her eighties recalled, as a young girl, trying to see the display from a hill many miles away while this writer saw them first about 50 years ago for the first time.

Cobh Regatta FW JCurtin 14-08-16-3This year's crop of youngsters couldn't wait for the display to begin. Their first countdown from ten started about 10minutes prematurely and was quickly followed by another about five minutes later each one finishing with oohs and aahs of disappointment when nothing happened! Not to be deterred, they started another which finished just a tad prematurely this time and was followed by the inevitable audible disappointment. However just as their disappointment was at its height, the first rocket screamed skywards instantly changing the mood of the kids to screams of excitement!

Cobh Regatta FW 2016 KLeeson-5ECCG were stationed right around the display from Whitepoint to Fort Davis and some really nice colour bursts were captured that have all been posted in our gallery of the event.

Ten minutes later and the memories of 2016 were sealed into the consciousness of a thousand young minds around the harbour ready to be recalled  over the many decades to come. Well done Cobh for keeping this annual event going over all those years.




Cobh People’s Regatta Fireworks – 16/08/15

The fireworks at Cobh Peoples Regatta, Cork, Ireland on 16/08/2015 proved an irresistible draw to members of ECCG once again this year. With vantage points as diverse as Whitepoint, near the town and Fort Davis near Whitegate, the coverage was wide with the town of Cobh, reflected in the harbour, providing the ideal backdrop.

ECCG member, Trevor O'Connell created the short but wonderful timelapse of the event above while a gallery of still images can be seen here. Enjoy!