Scavenger Hunt – 21/06/2016

Scavenger Hunt 2016 -1

On the longest day of the year, we turned out on yet another balmy summer evening, outside the courthouse in Midleton for the third annual ECCG Scavenger Hunt.

With five teams of three created, the LearnPhoto365 App randomly generated the themes for the shoot which were: Short, Artistic and Faithful. Following the obligatory group photo and with the Pike Man pointing the way, it was off around the town at 7pm to harvest the images.

At 8.30pm the teams were back in the Midleton Park Hotel and with the images selected and uploaded, the competition was on. After two viewings, points were awarded and the results accumulated as follows:

Scavenger Hunt 2016 -6

In third place were: Group A comprising Cliona Murphy, Kevin Day and Eoin Murphy

Scavenger Hunt 2016 -5

In second place were: Group C comprising Jim O'Neill, Trevor O'Connell and Proinsias O'Tuama.

Scavenger Hunt 2016 -4

And the Winners were: Group E comprising Eileen Upton, Keith Johnson and Fidelma Read.

Scavenger Hunt 2016 Cake

The winners (and everyone else) received a beautiful ECCG-themed cake created by Days Eurospar, Whitegate for their efforts. Well done everyone!

Click here to see a full gallery of images from the shoot. Enjoy!