How I Took That Shot – Karen Fleming

Karen Fleming came third in our recent 'Reflections' competition with this simple and elegant shot:


This is how she captured it:
"I had taken a similar shot a while back but rather then just submit that one I took a new shot. So went to the local florist and bought some Tiger Lillies and put them in water until they opened out".

"I placed a black backdrop over a table and placed a mirror I had out of its frame on top of it. I broke one the Lillies off and clipped it onto a water spray bottle for support so that the flower was over the mirror to generate the reflection. I then covered the bottle with part of the back drop".

"To light the shot I used a constant light source at full power with a snoot attached positioned to the right hand side of the flower. The snoot contained the light so that only the flower was lit with no spill beyond it. I took the shot at a slight angle".

"Levels were slightly adjusted and I used the spot healing brush to remove specks off the black background. Finally, I put a white border round the image".

Equipment used:
Canon 5d
Sigma 105mm lens
Manual mode, F5 @ 1/50 of sec, ISO 400, Auto White Balance
Constant light source with snoot attached.

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