How I Took that Shot – Karina Leeson

Karina Leeson won first place in Grade C, with the intriguing and colourful image above, in our recent 'Colour Burst' competition held at The Midleton Park Hotel on 06/09/17. This is how she made the image:

This image took quite a bit of time to do but was great fun.

First I got 2 chairs and positioned them a few inches apart and lay the glass from a picture frame across the gap. Then I laid some coloured paper on the ground below the glass. I placed a table lamp on the ground with the light shining on the coloured paper. Next I filled a clear glass bowl with water, poured a few drops of oil in the water and placed the bowl on top of the glass. With the camera positioned on a tripod above the set up I got to work. I took lots of shots with different coloured sheets and wasn't happy with the colours I was getting. It just wasn't vibrant enough.

I was trying to find some really vibrant coloured paper when I remembered the new shower curtain I had bought. It was multi colured stripes and when I laid it on the ground below my setup it gave exactly the effect I had hoped for.

Well done Karina!

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