How I Took That Shot – Joseph Keniry

Joe Keniry came second in Grade B in our 'Christmas' competition in January last. This time around, Joe made it one better and won the Grade in our second internal competition of the year with the unusual image below. The theme was 'Curves' and this is how he made the image:

joe keniry-1

Having checked that my daughters were in bed and asleep, I noticed some wrought iron dolls-house furniture they had being playing with that day. The furniture had curves so detailed, that I could not miss the opportunity to take the shot.

As I was taking the shot, I noticed a dim silhouette so I tried using a torch which also created an arch in the background. After many attempts I still felt that it needed something, so with the help of two "Sylvanian Friends" who decided to have a tea party/picnic, I snapped it there and then! The torch was held in position by a €15 tripod and a G clamp. The camera was also on a tripod.

Camera - Nikon D7000
Lens - Nikkor - 18-70 1;3.5-4.5 G ED
Aperture - F 18
Focal length - 27mm
Shutter - 1.3 sec
ISO - 400
White balance - Auto

ECCG 'Curves' Competition - 03/03/15
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