How I took that Shot – Jim O’Neill

19 Jim O'Neill - Urban

Jim O'Neill took first place in Grade B in our recent 'Urban' competition with the shot of Cork City's French Church St. above. This is how he made the image:

I had a shot in mind for the "Urban" theme competition and thought Cork City would be the best place. With the help of "Google Street Viewer" I set my sights on a couple of streets off Patrick Street. I was looking for a narrow street with high buildings and settled on "French Church Street"

I took several shots at different angles. The low angle shot, to me, gave good depth to the image and I was happy with the leading lines from the side and the drain up the middle.

To add mood to the image I thought Black and White worked best but the sky was too grey and blown out. With an "app" on the ipod i was able to change the sky to add more mood.

Taken on Nikon D5000, Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens at 12mm focal length. Aperture 7.1, ISO 400, 1/6s shutter speed. iPod app, "Juxtaposer"

- Jim O'Neill

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