Ballycotton Sunrise – 8/2/15

Finbarr OShea-4

Our weekend shoot took us to Ballycotton for sunrise on Sunday 8th Feb. 2015 and another installment in our Lighthouse’s project.

We set out from our meeting point at the Midleton Park Hotel at 6:45am and, having regrouped at Shanagarry, ten members in all headed for Ballycotton.

The forecast had looked promising and with high tide just passed, we arrived at Silver Strand at 7:25am for the 8am sunrise. However, as has happened all too often lately, heavy cloud lay over the horizon and it was clear we would not have the conditions we experienced at Church Bay two weeks previously.

After a brief discussion, some members opted to stay at Silver Strand while the remainder headed to the spot known locally as “The Men's Bathing Place” on the cliff road, to get a closer view of the lighthouse.

Despite the disappointing sky there are always options at Ballycotton and a great morning was had by all.

This location will be worth a revisit later in the year. See the images below. Enjoy!


     - Anthony O'Connor