Morning Shoot at Guileen – 19/1/2014

_DSC5768thIt was a hardy crew that turned up early at the slip at Guileen on Sunday 19/1/2014. Having been already cancelled one week previously due to bad weather, the members were keen for this shoot to yield even one decent image.


The morning began with the remnants of a hard frost but by 7.45am clouds had already filled the sky giving a sign that perhaps, before long, rain would make its presence felt. High tide was just after 7am and, in the absence of a sunrise, the swell presented the best photo opportunity as the waves broke on the rocks. Given the overcast conditions, slow shutter speeds could be achieved without the need for ND filters.


As expected, a light squall greeted the group at around 9am but it was short-lived and, following a valiant but failed attempt by the sun to break through the cloud, it was time to wrap up and move on to Day's shop in Whitegate for a welcome brew. A return visit to Guileen is a must however.

Group photo by Mervyn Daly. Other images above by Anthony O'Connor.